12 Home Remedies for Ugly Milia that Work Like Magic

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Did you just notice ugly spots on your face and are panicking because you don’t know what they are? Are they hard and white bumps? Relax, they are nothing harmful, they are just milia. These keratin-filled cysts mostly occur on cheeks, nose, forehead and chest, and are most commonly found on babies. Everyone wants skin as flawless as possible, and so do you. But you need to provide some nourishing care daily to your skin for it to have a healthy glow! There are simple home remedies that help to get rid of these milia unseemly bumps – all you have to do is be calm and patient and let nature work its magic on you!

Milia Causes

Let us see what causes the milia to appear in the first place

  • Clogging of skin pores when dead skin cells are accumulated
  • Excessive secretion of sebum
  • Use of oily products and heavy makeup
  • Hormonal changes
  • Use of steroidal creams over a long time
  • Blistering injuries
  • Prolonged exposure to sun
  • Genetic reasons in some cases
  • Skin-resurfacing procedures like dermabrasion and laser treatments
  • Not enough exfoliation

What are the symptoms of milia?

There are various types of milia, depending on the age at which they appear or their causes, like neonatal milia, juvenile milia, multiple eruptive milia, milia en plaqua, primary milia in children and adults, traumatic milia and milia associated with drugs. These little uglies are easy to spot on your own.

  • White or yellowish bumps, appearing on your face and chest.
  • Hard to touch.
  • Generally not painful or itchy.
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